[za 10.2.047, updated today, I think] started in to a scan last night and spontaneously crashed my computer. Rebooting and limiting program use didn't really help. I think it crashed the computer with nothing but "task manager" running; though, it might have let me run it for a while with no progs loaded and then to shut it down normally.

Virus scan started again this am and appears to start over every time. After 12,000 files, it reports 2% done (could take many hours?). I leave it to run, but return to find it crashed. Again, virus scan appears to start over. I cancelled the virus scan, and am able to run the computer for the moment. This process seems to be about the same thing that happened several months ago.

Computer constantly seems to fight w za. vsmon activity sometimes carried out, but frequently crashing computer. Spontaneous scans seem to happen a few times/week in late pm and often crash computer. I think these are not usually as deep as the one that owns the computer every few months. Once in awhile the evening scan can complete; sometimes I can even use the computer during the scan; albeit, very lightly. Opera with many windows open gets really touchy.

Computer is xp sp3, 7+ years old, 80Gb hard drive w 14Gb free, 2Gb ram, 2GHz. It is ****, but I want to use it as is (don't have disks or want to reload OS). Can ZA be fixed to work? crashing the computer