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Thread: [SOLVED] Error 1603 Installing Version 11

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    Default [SOLVED] Error 1603 Installing Version 11

    My OS is Vista 32-bit with all updates. I was using Zonealarm 10 free Anti-virus and Firewall for about 6 months and was running fine. Two weeks ago a new version of Zonealarm automaticlly started installing right after booting, each time getting 3 Error code 127's and ending with Error 1619. But Version 10 was still working ok. Then 2 days ago using Add/Remove programs I Uninstalled all 3 of the Zonealarm entries which seemed to complete ok, but still the automatic install started on the reboot and failed with Error 1603. Using Ccleaner I removed all the Zonealarm entries in the Start Up Group, did a reboot and the automatic install finally was gone. I then d/l and ran the Zonealarm Clean program, but it also fails due to a Permissions problem. I then d/l the latest Zonealarm free but it gets the same Error 1603. ~snip~
    and it gets a Access violation trying to remove ProgramFiles/Checkpoint/Zonealarm/zlavscan.dll . I have done the Net user thing and booted as Admin but still Zonealarm.msi gets the Access violation. Using Windows Explorer I then removed all files and folders in Users\AppData\... and from ProgramFiles\Checkpoint everything except zlavscan.dll which gets access violation. I then searched the registry for "Zlav" and found numerous "zlavscan.dll" entries.
    I would say the problem is that the Un-install of Ver 10 did not include removing the Zonealarm Antivirus Scan. Could someone update the Zonealarm.msi program to properly Un-register the Version 10 Free Anti-Virus.
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