I was able to Delete zlavscan.dll by booting into Safe Mode and Logging in as Admin then Rename zlavscan.dll to x.dll, reboot to normal mode and user then Delete x.dll. I then ran the MSI installer "http download zonealarm com bin free downloads v_11_0_000_038 ZoneAlarm.msi" . It cleaned up the remaining files and registry and Installed a minimum Zonealarm, no Icon, no active program, but there was an entry in Add Remove Programs. I rebooted and then used Add Remove Programs to Uninstall this Zonealarm. Then ran Clean.exe just to make sure, everything clean & ok. I d/l the most recent Free Antivirus+Firewall Ver It was only 8MB and the Install failed the same way as the original automatic install with Error 1619. There was a Resume install Icon and an Entry in Add Remove Programs so I tried the Uninstall, it seemed to work ok but on the Restart the Zonealarm Resume automaticly ran again and it Failed again with Error 1619. I repeated the Uninstall but this time used Ccleaner to remove the Zonealarm Resume from the Startup group then Restarted. The Resume Icon was still there, so I ran Clean.exe and Restarted again. I checked the Files and Registry and could not find any for Zonealarm. I then d/l Ver "http download zonealarm com bin free support download zaSetup_110_000_054.exe" it was 269MB and it Installed perfectly. After getting the virus updates ran a full scan with no errors. I would say that the most recent Ver is flawed and is failing to d/l the data for the remaining part of the Install. Ver works perfectly.