I had ZA Free Firewall + AntiVirus installed and noticed that on the ZA main page, there was a new installer, zaSetupWeb_110_000_057.exe, which indicated there was a newer version. (I never seem to get updated by the software itself, so, I have to check the main page for new web downloaders and see if there's a new version.) I ran the updater and checked and there was a new version, However, in order to get the Agree button in the installer to install the application, I HAD to check the 2 search box and default home page options to set ZA search options as my default search and home page options in Firefox. However, after actually installing the update, I noticed that my Firefox search and home page options were not, in fact, changed.

So, I'm a little confused. Does the installer now require that both of those options be selected in order for the Agree button for the application to install to install?