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Thread: Scan never works, just wastes resources

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    Default Scan never works, just wastes resources

    The scan never finishes and the only way to end it is to close ZA. After closing ZA it then hangs initializing, so I have to close it again to fix it. The scan begins again and the cycle continues. The scan doesnt stop at anything in particular. Sometimes it starts and it stays at 0 files. Sometimes it scans for a while and then just stops.

    I looked for a way to lodge a proper support ticket and couldnt bloody find it. Either way an AV that doesnt scan is useless to me, so unless this gets sorted ill just get a refund.

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    Default Re: Scan never works, just wastes resources

    Sounds like ZA is not full running in the first place.

    If its still initlizing then that explains why AV scanning may not be working.

    Since you have a purchased product and not a Free product you can get support from ZoneAlarm directly.

    Its very very simple to contact support.

    Go to ZA website whenre you bought the software.

    Click on support

    Then you can chat with a support person with live chat on the support page.

    Takes only two click to get to the live chat.

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