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    As announced on page New version (1/25/2013) and as described on ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security Release History and in the the FAQ Download latest version of ZoneAlarm the latest version seems to be yet I have seen several references in the forum to version and indeed downloaded it from the Free and Trial Downloads page.

    Does anybody know what the differences/changes are or when it will be added to the ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security Release History?

    I was unable to search this forum for either or Instead I had to use my search engine's site feature and restrict its searching to to find the desired results.

    Sometimes, when trying to edit this post, I am greeted by a completely blank edit window. None of the existing text appears. To add this addendum, I had to first copy (before starting the edit) and then paste in all the text above it. At other times, I am able to edit the text properly. Very strange. [Firefox 15, Win XP Pro SP3]

    Editing with Internet Explorer 8 doesn't work properly either.

    I suppose I'll have to update both browsers to get this site working properly??
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