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Thread: firewall for os > ZA not Designed for Removal of Windows Components

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    Default firewall for os > ZA not Designed for Removal of Windows Components

    Hello ,

    trying to block os from load new drivers every few hours.

    In firewall programs I "kill" WMI.

    however WMI continue to load drivers and registry.

    How do I block WMI from load drivers and change registry even so I killed the application ?


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    Default Re: firewall for OS


    ZA is not designed to be used in this manner.

    WMI is a required part of the OS.

    If it was not required then Microsoft themselves would give you the option to not have it running all the time.

    ZA is not going to kill important windows components.

    You will have to find another application to do this and we do not recommend you killing WMI on your PC at all.

    I'm closing this thread because ZA does not condone the killing of this OS component with our software.

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