I'm hoping somebody can help me. I just got King's Bounty Crossworlds, installed it, tried to run it, and got an instant and rather worrying pop-up from ZoneAlarm:


suspicious behaviour

kb.exe is attempting to monitor user activities on this computer. If allowed
it may try to track or log keystrokes (user input), mouse movements/clicks,
web sites visited, and other user behaviours.

I clicked on 'Deny' and 'Remember this Setting', and continued trying to run the game. But it just got into a loop of constantly popping up the same warning over and over, and locked me into a black loading screen from which I could not escape.

I'm using ZoneAlarm Free Firewall version:
Vsmon version:
Driver version:
Web Identity Protections version: 1.5.393.22

Is this a false positive, or have I somehow wound up buying a very dodgy game? (It was new and shrinkwrapped when it arrived from Amazon.)

The King's Bounty tech support people have not yet responded to my enquiry, so I'm really hoping somebody here can cast any light on this, I'd be very grateful. Thanks for your time.