I have this increasing number of blocked IP adresses attempting to communicate (intrude) in my computer. I have no way to know what are. Do you know anyway I can identify them ?

I am a µtorrent user and I don't know if some of the IPs that want to share torrents with me are blocked. Even if I verified it is considered safe by ZoneAlarm Firewall. All I know is that i noticed that the tranfert debit decreased for downloading. Is there anyway I can authorise the IP adresses from µtorrent while at the same time making sure all they do is downloading the shared torrent?

Final question, I installed Malwarebytes Anti-Malwares in my computer in addition to ZoneAlarm. It seems MBAM sees connections attempts from µtorrent, that ZoneAlarm doesn't see, and block them. The IP adress blocked by MBAM varies everytime.

Any suggestion? Thank you very much