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Thread: ZA Free blocks Thunderbird

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    Default ZA Free blocks Thunderbird

    My problem is that ZoneAlarm has started blocking Thunderbird from communicating with the net.
    I have been using ZoneAlarm Free Edition with Mozilla Thunderbird satisfactorily together for several years, until three or four weeks ago.
    I am fairly sure the problem lies with ZoneAlarm becaise :-
    All other programs, including Mozilla Firefox, seem to work normally, and
    The problem can be "avoided" by switching off the Application Control element of ZoneAlarm..

    I have read somewhere (here ?) that the problem can be caused by the affected program's listing in ZoneAlarm being out of date.
    That would appear to be the case, as Thunderbird is running version 17.0.3 and the ZoneAlarm listing for it is version 7.0.1
    The ZoneAlarm version running is which was issued recently ( January ?). That would more or less coincide with the start of the problem.

    I understand the remedy is to find, highlight and delete "Thunderbird" in the Application Control list, and so allw ZoneAlarm to "find" it again.
    The problem with that is that, whilst the deletion may appear to have worked at the time, the deleted entry is back again next time the list is opened.
    How do I get rid of it for good ?

    Also, what would be the best way to delete the whole list and start afresh ?
    I note that my Application Control program list contains 900 entries, and that a high proportion of them have identical or similar names.
    There are, for instance, 28 entries simply called "Setup.exe" without including those such as "Setup installer" which include the word.
    I am sure that most of these entries are redundant, and that a fresh start would be no bad thing, but are there any obvious problems ?
    I see there is a "Reset to Default" option in Preferences - is that what I want ?

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    Default Re: ZA Free blocks Thunderbird


    the cleanest way is to start from scratch moreover considering you are not using the latest available build (yes, autoupdate does not inform of new builds, only major versions and not always!).

    What you describe happens if the ZA databases (where settings are stored) gets corrupted. This can happen for many many different reasons starting from a non-complete shutdown, to hangs or crash of the system, conflicts with running applications, insufficient space (RAM, HD), etc...

    So, fully remove your current ZA version from windows add/remove programs (XP) or uninstall a program (WIN7/WIN8). Double check for other entries not removed (e.g. toolbar), Reboot. Run the ZA removal tool (clean.exe), reboot. Install the latest version.

    Links to removal tool and latest ZA version can be found by searching this forum or looking at the main ZA support website.


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    Default Re: ZA Free blocks Thunderbird

    Thanks for the info - I will do what you write.
    One question before I do.
    You say "run the ZA removal tool (clean.exe)" .
    I have on my compoter a file called cpes_clean.exe. Is that the same thing ?


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    Default Re: ZA Free blocks Thunderbird

    Quote Originally Posted by easmith View Post
    Thanks for the info - I will do what you write.
    One question before I do.
    You say "run the ZA removal tool (clean.exe)" .
    I have on my compoter a file called cpes_clean.exe. Is that the same thing ?


    No, Sorry but "file called cpes_clean.exe." will not work as it is no longer supported, the New "CLEAN.EXE" removal tool is recommended..

    Here is the Download link..
    Download to your desktop and run the ZA removal tool, <= click here
    now reboot computer after running ZA Removal tool (Clean.exe).
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