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Thread: win 8 startup < This has nothing to do with ZoneAlarm.

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    Question win 8 startup < This has nothing to do with ZoneAlarm.

    I've got Win 7 which I bought the official upgrade to Win 8.
    After installing ZoneAlarm (which I had been using for over a decade as Pro on another pc) AND using the System Check Up tool (I don't know which caused my problem) I get an error:
    Win 8 starts to load fine & shows it's main page for a while but in the final setup tasks, it finishes as Win 7.
    -This is my first post here -I hope I'm doing this right as a doddery old novice!

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    Default Re: win 8 startup


    The description of the issue is solely a Windows 8 issue.

    This has nothing to do with ZoneAlarm.

    Contact Microsoft for help with the installation of that OS.

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