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Thread: Popups about blocked connection EVERY time?

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    Default Popups about blocked connection EVERY time?

    Free ZoneAlarm Firewall Version:

    Hi all,
    first of all: sorry if i'm asking something really obvious, but i just couldn't find the answer myself.

    i configured my Free ZoneAlarm Firewall to ask me about pretty much every new program trying to connect to pretty much anything, so i wasn't going to be missing out on anything, and i would tick the "remember" option whenever sensible.

    NOT sensible, IMHO, however, is it, to get a notification popup for every time a program has been blocked from accessing the internet or whatever, when i've told my ZoneAlarm before that that is what i want ALWAYS.
    Sometimes, some of the more annoying programs want to establish some connection quite bad, so i might get, in theory, about a thousand popups a minute, which incapacitates my computer for how ever long that tantrum lasts.

    [This is the popup i'm talking about:
    ([Some program] is not authorized to use [some module] to establish a connection to [target IP]) with respective contents to the brackets - it's probably not that clumsily worded in the original english version]
    long story short:
    Is it possible to disable those popups for blocked connections WITHOUT having to enter game/silent mode?

    I still want to know about NEW scenarios i haven't defined rules for yet, and i still want to decide what happens in individual cases.

    it should be really simple, but maybe it's not possible in ZoneAlarm after all?

    thank you in advance for any helpful suggestions, workarounds or even solutions. maye i'm just overlooking something somewhere.
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