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Thread: [SOLVED] Application Control DefenseNet not working properly

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    Unhappy [SOLVED] Application Control DefenseNet not working properly

    I have the DefenseNet set to manual, however, I never get the box asking me if I want to allow a certain program. Application Control just lets the program such as Adobe connect. Previous versions ZoneAlarm with the same settings used to work properly and ask me if I wanted to allow a given program access. Even if I delete Adobe, for example, from the "view programs" box it still allows it access without prompting me if I want to allow it access. Any thoughts? .........Guess I should add that previously I used to run the free version of the firewall. Now I am using the free version with firewall & antivirus, version on Windows 7 64 bit. By the way, the "return" command does not work when posting. I cannot start a new line or paragraph so sorry everything is in one paragraph.
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