I'm a first time poster in these forums and apologize if I posted this thread in the wrong category.
I'm having a conflict between ZoneAlarm 2013 Free and SpyBot Search & Destroy (by Safer-Networking.org) on Windows 8 Pro 64bit. SpyBot's Scanner service (SDFSSvc.exe) and Update service (SDUpdSvc.exe) will not run when ZoneAlarm is installed.
I've checked the Windows Event Viewer and can see the error messages with these services and SpyBot's logs, but they don't provide any useful information. I've changed ZoneAlarms' App Control Settings for these services to a Trust Level of Super and Outbound Trusted & Internet set to Allow; however, this did not fix the problem with SpyBot's services.
As a test I uninstalled ZoneAlarm and SpyBot's services started working again. As another test I installed the same versions of SpyBot and ZoneAlarm on Win 7 64bit and the services start and work properly. This conflict only seems to happen on Win 8.
I've contacted Safer-Networking's Tech Support and they've been looking at this issue, but can't tell me if its being caused by SpyBot or ZoneAlarm. I like both of these apps because they are better than the built-in Windows apps. I would prefer to continue using both and would really appreciate any help in resolving this conflict.