See for previous problem with this PC. Upgrade to Kaspersky Anti-virus 13 had failed on this PC; KAV 12 was reinstalled by booting from the KAV12 CD.

Since then I have removed Diskeeper 7 and installed Diskeeper 12 Home.

While re-installing ZA 11 Firewall Free, I got several Error 127s: 1e5ecf6, 12bdbe, and 12c01e (plus one other for which I do not have the code). After rebooting, hovering over ZA in the Notification Area shows "Initialization in progress", even after 5 minutes.

Other-than-default things I did during installation:
  • I changed install directory from D:\Program Files\CheckPoint\... to F:\Program Files\CheckPoint\...
  • I declined the two options, choosing only to install the Firewall

PC is 3 GHz Pentium 4 with 3GB of RAM. XP SP3.

Why did ZA not re-install properly?