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Thread: Error 127s when reinstalling ZAFW 11 Free

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    Default Re: Error 127s when reinstalling ZAFW 11 Free

    Sorry you need to have the PC fully working after having removed ZA and before reinstalling. ZA will not install correctly if you are without internet. First ensure you have your PC fully functional. This does not seems the case. Your setup seems too confusing and I am afraid you will never get ZA working as intended. As alreay mentioned I have no further suggestion to resolve your case.

    You said "your clean.exe", please note we are all users here, no ZA support staff.

    Hopefully other users may be able to help you?

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    Default Re: Error 127s when reinstalling ZAFW 11 Free

    Many thanks for all the help.

    I had that horrible feeling that I might have to reinstall everything, including XP, but I decided that there wre still some steps I could take before doing so. Here's what I did:

    • Uninstalled ZA 054 via Add/Remove Programs, and accepted restart
    • ping showed "Destination host unreachable"
    • In Control Panel | Network Connections, right-clicked on Local Area Network and chose Repair. XP said "Windows could not finish repairing the problem because ... Failed to query TCP/IP settings of connection".
    • For good measure, shut down PC Katie and the router, reset the cable modem, powered up the router and PC Katie
    • On restart, XP showed KAV turned off. No K in Notification area.
    • Start | Run | KAV showed "Some protection components are corrupted. We recommend reinstalling the application"
    • Uninstalled Spybot S&D via Add/Remove Programs. Uninstaller said "Can't resolve problem with Kaspersky " K won't co-exist with SS&D for marketing reasons. Accepted restart
    • Uninstalled KAV 2012 via Add/Remove Programs, accepting to preserve only activation data. Accepted to restart.
    • On restart, DIR-615 (DLink router) showed as a device. (This started when I first installed ZA 11). I had LAN and Internet connectivity!
    • Installed KAV 2013 successfully
    • I still had access to the LAN and the Internet

    IE8 still has a black bar across near the top, and doesn't show web pages.

    I hope that this saga will help others.

    • Installed KAV 2013. Installation completedOK.
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