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Thread: Cisco AnyConnect Site dependencies

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    Windows 7 64-bit - For what its worth, I learned today that after installing ZA free w/Antivirus, I could no longer connect with Cisco AnyConnect to my workplace. I contacted our support and they said that the VPN login checks a list on the server for recognized antivirus software. In our case, MS Security Essentials, McAfee, AVG and Norton are on the list. So, a word to the wise, if your company uses a VPN, before you get a wild hair and decide to change antivirus programs at home to something other than MSE, or what is used at work, you should probably check with your employer's security group to see what is configured as acceptable. My employer has a rather short list compared to the array of av choices available. Maybe the various AV vendors need to converse with Cisco to see that they are put on the list. Just a thought.

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    Make sure that you allowed VPN protocols in the Advanced Settings of the Firewall section..

    it may also be possible that your ZA Data has been Corrupted ?

    in that case Click on the [Reset to Default] button..

    then reboot computer..

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