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Thread: [SOLVED] new ZA File and Folder Lock - > Refund

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    Angry [SOLVED] new ZA File and Folder Lock - > Refund

    I bought the new "File and Folder Lock" product after receiving an email from ZoneAlarm. It doesn't work as advertised: (1) You cannot drag files or folders to the window; you have to browse for them; (2) it does not lock folders, only files; (3) when I chatted with ZA tech support they said they have not been given any information about that product yet, AND said I had to contact the product maker ( Turns out does not sell this product, but one called DocLock (which I assume is the original clone). Their support page does not list their own product! So, ZoneAlarm, you used to be a shining beacon of good prodcuts and I spent a lot of $ on your old firewall until it failed me. Now I go back to give you a 2nd chance and you provide a non-working product with your ZA label, no support, then pass me to the original developer with no support. I will need to get my money back. (I'm not sure I can trust that it even encrypts files like advertised) Got any explanation for this poor product or any customer support for it? I'd love to keep it if I can get it to work. Mike

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    Default Re: new ZA File and Folder Lock - terrible

    Thank you ZoneAlarm for the prompt refund under your 30 day money back guarantee.


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