I did some searching, but couldn't find the answer in regard to 2013 variants.

So my Pro licence is due to expire soon, and I was wondering if there really is anything that I will miss if I just drop to Free level protection.

So far what I see as the differences are:

> Anti-Spam filter: For filtering annoying & potential dangerous email. (It's grey'd out in my Pro install anyway, and I have Avast! free 6 doing that job)
> Toolbar: Site check, Do not track, Facebook privacy, Private browsing etc. Is it different between the two? (I don't want more toolbars)
> Auto-Learn? I think they both do.
> Technical Support

From what I see there is nothing that I currently have that I would be missing, but there's nothing that I can see needing that isn't incorporated in the free version.
My PC will be off for the duration of June anyway, as I'm out of the country, so no need to pay for a licence for a month of not using it. I may re-evaluate after that period.