I've gotten a new PC (Windows 7) and have installed Zone Alarm Free.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall version: version:
Driver version:
Web Identity Protections version: 1.5.393.18

Firewall settings
Public Zone security set to High
Trusted Zone security set to Med

Application Control settings
Network Firewall set to Med
DefenseNet set to Automatic

I use VNC to connect to my PC from work and from my tablet and I'm having trouble configuring ZoneAlarm to allow VNC to connect from anywhere. My old PC had been around a while and I remember a pop-up appearing when VNC was trying to connect. Once I allowed the connection, I could use VNC without issue. With this new install, it doesn't appear I get that pop-up. I did some research and was able to add the IP string for my network at work in a Trusted Zone. That has worked.

However, I'm stuck on how enable it for my tablet to work since I can't predict the IP that will be used. Is there a way to allow this connection to happen regardless of where it's coming from? In the Application Control, the VNC Viewer and Server are set to Super and all Outbound/Inbound columns are 'Allow'.

Thank you