I have Zone Alarm Extreme Security
I am having a problem with popups in Firefox even though Popups blocked ON.
I wanted to use Zone Alarm to block the offending URLs in the popups, such as serve.bannersdontwork.com.
My problem is that when I set a block under Advanced -> Settings Expert Rules using host/site the block always resolves to a static IP address.
You can enter the URL but if you try to select it without doing a host lookup of the IP address it does it automatically.
The problem is the spam software is smart enough to keep changing the IP address so the block does not work because ZA is ignoring the URL and uses the static IP address.
Is there a way to make ZA dynamically look up the URL for the block?
My profession is Software Quality Assurance and I would consider this a bug since there a separate selections for host/site (where I would expect the URL to be used) which is separate from an IP address selection.
I'm aware that there may be a performance issue with the dynamic lookup but that's my problem if I select host/site and expect the URL to be used.
If just a static IP address is used and the address is changing for the URL I am trying to block then this feature is useless to me.