For the last week or so, I've been getting 2 pop-up warnings from ZoneAlarm. (I've copied them below my message).

Each pop-up has buttons for "Allow" and "Deny" and, of course, I've been clicking
Deny. There's also a checkbox to remember my selection, and it's checked ... but it's not remembering my selection!

I've googled and there are lots of other people getting these
messages too, but the replies/solutions go right over my head because they're too techy for me to understand.

The only program I have installed recently was Malwarebytes. I uninstalled it, thinking maybe it was causing these pop-ups, but they're still happening.

Should I accept these 2 warnings? Or are they bad news? If they're bad news, what can I do about them? Thanks for explaining this in English so I can understand it. Thanks!! :-)

Here are the warning messages:



Setup Launcher Unicode may be trying to prevent
'ISSETUP' from running each time your computer is
started by modifying the registry key: HKLM\SOFTWA

* * * * *



Setup Launcher Unicode is trying to launch
C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msiexec.exe, or use
another program to gain access to privileged