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Thread: Zone Alarm Free Won't Recognize Virtual Machine!

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    Exclamation Zone Alarm Free Won't Recognize Virtual Machine!

    Hello ZA Forum Users!

    I've set up my laptop to have an XP Mode VM on it along with my default installation of Win 7 Ultimate.

    I need this VM to run some old, expensive CAD software on my laptop that is incompatible with Win 7/8.

    My problem is that I need to have network access to a file/print/key server on my network that has the encrypted key generator on it. The VM does not have ZA installed.

    The problem I'm having is that other network computers, particularly the key server, that do have ZA installed, do not recognize the VM on my laptop. I can see the VM in "My Network Places" on the server, but I can't add it to one of the Trusted Zones in ZA on that computer (or on any other computer on the network for that matter.)

    This key server configuration works fine for several non-VM computers on the network (it has been for years,) I just can't seem to get ZA to recognize the laptop VM regardless of what I do.

    As a recap this is what I'm trying to do:

    Connect laptop with "XP Mode" VM NOT protected with ZA to network server protected with ZA. Server ZA will not recognize the laptop VM.

    Any help or tips that you can give me is GREATLY appreciated.

    Best regards...

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