I have been having an issue with Diskeeper Professional 12, an error clicking on the icon to load the User screen console. I get the following error.

"Unable to connect to the Diskeeper server running on…. Please make sure that the Diskeeper service is running and that no other instance of Diskeeper is connected to the machine. If the service is running, restart it and try again."

Diskeeper installed without any issues
The service was started after the installation automatically
Stopping and restarting the service or rebooting has not effect

I am running ZoneAlarm Extreme

I found this on Conduiv's website dealing with BitDefender


Is Diskeeper 12 compatible with BitDefender?
Diskeeper 12 will be compatible with BitDefender soon, although a work-around solution is available now. If you are running BitDefender and get an error message "Unable to connect to the Diskeeper service running on...." when trying to run Diskeeper 12 go to your program files and open the “Condusiv Technologies” folder, then open the “Diskeeper” folder. Download this zip file by clicking here, then copy and paste the contents of the zip file (DK_NET.dll) within the Diskeeper folder, replacing the existing file. Then open Diskeeper 12. This should resolve the issue. If you are still having issues, please submit a Customer Service Request and we will get back to you promptly.

The exact same issue, just a different virus software company

I tried downloading the zip file and replacing the file (DK_NET.dll) within the Diskeeper folder. But still get the same error, so what was working for BitDefender does not work for ZoneAlarm. Can you verify this and get a work around for me also.

Tried uninstalling ZoneAlarm and the Diskeeper User Screen Console came right up. (The only bad thing was that I did not take into consideration that ZoneAlarm was linked into my Outlook and it deleted the ZoneAlarm Junk Mail and ZoneAlarm Phishing Mail.)

Reply From Condusiv (Diskeeper) Tech Support

We have discovered that the Zone Alarm Firewall is not allowing the Diskeeper Service to communicate with the Diskeeper User screen which then gives the error you are receiving when trying to open Diskeeper 12 on the system.

Since this is a Zone Alarm bug, there is nothing we can do to correct the issue. Please create a ticket with Zone Alarm and then let us know what the ticket number because when they address the problem, they will more than likely contact us and we will work with them to resolve the problem. We will have your ticket number so we can reference it when/if they contact us when trying to resolve the issue.

Customer Service
Condusiv Technologies Corporation