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    Hi all. I recently built a custom system withWindows 8 as my OS.
    I was originally using the built-in Windows Defender & Firewall; but now, instead, I’m using ZoneAlarm and have disabled the Windows anti-virus and firewall. I haveZoneAlarm Extreme Security version
    But since installing ZoneAlarm, I’ve noticed a “delay” with sound; I’ll explain.

    There’s this little pop-up menu sound I have, like when Ipoint the cursor at an icon or to an empty part of the desktop and right-click the mouse, there’s a sound that plays. Well, since installing ZoneAlarm, there’s about a 2 or so second delay before I hear that sound.

    Another example is this: I have a RealTek sound card and the software that goes with it; I have a 7.1 surround sound system. There’s a feature in the software where youcan do a system sound test. You click on a “play” button, and a musical note is played through the surround sound system, one speaker at a time. In the past when I used to do this, it went much quicker; as soon as one speaker played its musical sound, it went right onto the next speaker with hardly any delay.

    Now when I do this sound test, there’s quite a pause between each speaker being tested.

    I went into ZoneAlarm’s Application Control, and I made sure to give RealTek “Super” Trust”.
    Anyone ever heard of anything like this? Since Windows 8 is fairly new, are there any compatibility issues with ZoneAlarm?
    Thanks for any info or help.
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