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    Hi all. I have ZA You know how sometimes after a system scan, an item will be detected as a virus or spyware.....but it's really not? (A false/ positive) How do I access this item? I came across an article here on the site, but I don't know WHERE they mean by the instructions; here it is: "On rare occasions, itís possible that an application you trust is quarantined because it is a spoof of the real application and therefore was detected as a virus. But, if an application that you know to be safe is quarantined, it may be a false positive virus detection. False positives occur when a pattern of code in the file matches the same pattern contained in a virus signature. This can occur due to a faulty signature or it can occur after incomplete treatment by another anti-virus scanner. False positives are most likely to occur in applications that are not widely used.
    If you believe your application has been improperly quarantined, hereís how to restore it and stop putting it in quarantine:

    • Select COMPUTER | Anti-virus & Anti-Spyware| Settings |View Quarantine.
    • Select your item under Quarantine and click the Restore button.
    • Click Exceptions.
    • Click Add file... and browse to select the trusted program that you do not want quarantined in a virus scan.
    • Click OK to close Add File and then to close Advanced Options. What do they mean by "Select Computer"? The "C" drive? Some help, please. Thanks, Pez

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    Hello Pez;

    1.) you have and old version of Zone Alarm Extreme Security.

    Hi all. I recently built a custom system with Windows 8 as my OS.
    I was originally using the built-in Windows Defender & Firewall; but now, instead, Iím using Zone Alarm and have disabled the Windows anti-virus and firewall. I have Zone Alarm Extreme Security version
    But since installing Zone Alarm, Iíve noticed a ďdelayĒ with sound;
    You need to update to the Current Version: Zone Alarm Extreme Security version

    2.) I agree with Guru Fax in his reply to your first post..

    It is better to contact directly the ZA technical support at the link in my signature. Look for the live chat icon once you are at the main support site. Best to chat with them during the working days.

    Before doing so, fully remove your current ZA on your system, let windows 8 re-activate the windows firewall or any other software (DO NOT disable them before installing ZA). Then download the latest build of ZA (yes, you don't get an automatic warning about new builds but only major releases). Looking for the latest version?. Install ZA Extreme on default settings, replicate the issue and then contact official support.

    Let us know how you solved your problem and who was the culprit. It may help other users here with similar problems.
    3.) to answer your information request in this Post:

    My Guess on what "Click on Computer" means is a reference to the Zone Alarm Main Menu..

    There are three main panels displayed in the Paid versions of Zone Alarm.. the First panel is referred to as "Computer"

    ZoneAlarmģ Extreme Security

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24 Hours Pacific Time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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