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    Once in a while I don't see my USB and Speaker Icon in the system tray after a boot. This was supposed to be resolved when I downloaded the most current version of Internet Security 2013.

    The other thing that I hate is a program doing some major task and not having a Icon or message about what it is doing. Today when I booted my PC my hard drive light Kept blinking like crazy and I could not tell what was going on. Since I had no programs running I thought I might have a trogen that was coping my data off site. However Since it concerned me it waisted my time having to look into it. I was upset to find out that it was Zone Alarm doing an update with absolutely no indication if what it was doing. This causes my PC to slow down and my boot to take more that 3 min. Unacceptable! I now have Zone Alarm set to no startup and no program update. I want control over my PC. I update it when I'm ready so I don't wind up getting weird results while down loading a Movie and have your update start at the same time. Please let me know when you have added a update and scan, at boot or anytime, indicator as to what your program is doing. XP Pack 3

    Third your forum needs a icon for help to explain how to add a thread.

    Thank You
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    sorry all users here. Please report directly the issue to the official ZA technical support at the link in my signature. Look for the live chat icon once at the main ZA support site.

    The issue of icon disappearing in the system tray is unfortunately due to a known bug in XP. Just google the issue and you will find plenty of information including troubleshooting steps. A simple log off - log on will solve the problem.

    For the rest, please note that by disabling ZA at boot you also disable its tampering protection. ZA will then be easily killed by malware without even you noticing it.

    So, better to find another way to fix the problem that may also include finding another security tool that can run on your system. This is because your current settings are not secure and do not allow ZA to be kept uptodate.

    This type of delay is commonly cause by limited resources available to ZA at the time of the update. During the update, if there is not enough RAM available (and free to use), ZA will use the HD instead.


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    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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