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Thread: New Network Found : "Public" / "Trusted"

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    Lightbulb New Network Found : "Public" / "Trusted"

    1. What does that mean: "New Network Found" (in plain non-techie English, please, thank you)?
    2. What does "Public Zone" keeps your computer hidden from others on the network" mean? I have a single computer, at home, sitting on my desk, not "networked" to anything or anyone that I'm aware of; so who is it supposedly being "hidden" from and where are they located ... to what is this pop-up referring? (Same for the "Trusted" business.)

    Much appreciated.

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    Default Re: New Network Found : "Public" / "Trusted"

    A good place to start is the ZA help online (main ZA interface, Help --> Help)

    Have a good reading of the above including subsections. This should give you a basic idea of public/trusted networks.

    The first time you run ZA in your system you will need to tell what kind of network is the one that gives you access to Internet. Are you connecting directly to the internet? Are you plugging in into a router? What do you see under the ZA zone? IP like 192.168.X.X? or 175..... or 10.1. or something different? Depending how you connect then you will need to setup your new connection to trusted (router) or internet (plugged directly to the internet).

    Normally when install ZA on WIN7 and WIN8 ZA will automatically understand the zones. On XP you will need to guide ZA. Are you on XP?

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