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Thread: UNinstall of Toolbar with Zonealarm Free Firewall not happening

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    Cool UNinstall of Toolbar with Zonealarm Free Firewall not happening

    Uninstall of toolbar that came mandated with Zonealarm Free Firewall is not uninstalled following the instructions from Guru even on following "Uninstaller.exe -ctid=ctXXXXXX -ie -ff" command. The command is supposed to not indicate anything except for errors and one is supposed to wait for a minute. I tried doing this with FireFox on and without Firefox but uninstaller does not remove the toolbar!


    Contrary to some comments this version of Zonealarm did nto have an option to opt out of toolbar: It had forced options to install so after reading uninstall instructions I let it install hoping to uninstall and now need help.

    I followed instructions from:!PAGETYPE?sq=uninstall%2btool%2bbar&s f=101113&sg=0&st=673715&documentid=408296&action=v iew-
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