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Thread: Logged off when logged on

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    Default Logged off when logged on

    I registered recently because of a problem loading the latest version of a ZoneAlarm product.

    When I had activated my registration and logged on I spent some time writing about the issues I had encountered, but several seconds after clicking the 'submit' button I got a response that I was not logged in. Unfortunately, I hadn't kept a copy of my text so I had to start again. A second attempt did work - but my posting was removed as if it were off-topic.

    I had an email telling me that there was another posting on the thread so I logged back on today. I responded to the comment but, again, when I clicked on "submit" I was told I wasn't logged on.

    Why did I get these "you are not logged on" messages when I was clearly logged on? Having had the problem on my previous attempt I was careful to check, before submitting, that the top line on the screen showed I was logged on.

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    Sorry we have no control on vbulletin software.
    First you have to ensure to tick on "Remember Me?" while signing in otherwise you will time out. Second ensure cookies are not blocked in your browser.

    Also Google the issue. Its a common vbulletin question with many potential explanations and troubleshooting help.


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