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Well, as suggested above try to turn OFF gradually the various ZA functions to see which one is the culprit. This way you may find a specific feature in ZA that you can turn OFF to be able to run sabnxbd (what a weird product name.... can they find a easier name to spell!!!! ), instead of removing it.

This is the only thing I can suggested as we are all users here and ZA development does not monitor this board.

Alternatively, you can try the latest ZA beta (www.zonealarm.com/beta), run ZA, turn on all diagnostics, replicate the issue, report the issue via the beta feedback page and upload logs. The feedback will reach directly the ZA development team.

Also note that if this a nich product, used by few, then it may be low in the priorities for fix.

no alot of users are using it.
its an pretty wellknown software though.
and its checked as SAFE by every security source..
ZA is the only one who is blocking it.