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Thread: Zone Alarm blocks VMware Player virtual machine run.

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    Default Zone Alarm blocks VMware Player virtual machine run.

    Recently, I updated ZA to version. Well, since that time, VM player Virtual Machine couldnīt run at all. If you try to start it, the program delivers the following message: Error while powering on: Transport (VMDB) error -44: Message.
    The VMware Authorization Service is not running. Investigating the problem, I noted that ZA stops the VMware Authorization Service, and in spite of having rights administrator, is not posible start it again. After that, I unistalled ZA and the VMware Player runs OK. My OS is Windows 8 Pro x64. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm blocks VMware Player virtual machine run.

    Sorry ZA does not support any VM software. This is not just with the version you report but also any prior version. Probably you have been lucky if it worked before.


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