I have a question concerning the firewall pop up messages and computers on a shared network.

Okay I have been dealing with a problematic issue with someone purposely hacking or eloquently put it "remoting" into my computer or like devices in the past and I am aware of who it was at the time I had a different firewall and it didn't really do as much justice as ZoneAlarm has and is (still using it). Since I have installed Zone Alarm Extreme Security and before I was using the regular free version which worked just as well; now mind you there are 4 computers using the same network in my household the particular person that I am having an issue with (who once before had got on my computer before) IP address keeps popping up as inbound the network ip address that the router assigned to their computer and this has been occurring for about 3 months now everyday whenever this "person" is on their computer connected to the internet and I am online I get this message saying that that (for example) Net-BIOS has been blocked.

So I checked my firewall log and of course I see the same IP (Inbound) trying to use the Net-BIOS ports 137,138 etc along with some other higher ports trying to connect to my network assigned IP address. This individual claims they have not been trying to get on my computer or trying to remote in. I had called up the internet provider and spoke with a Technician and they said basically that "someone" has been trying to "ping" your computer but are getting blocked out while your online and according to GRC Shields Up! All my ports are "Stealth" which I am happy about and I am also happy that ZoneAlarm Firewall is legitimately doing what it is suppose to do.

My question is to anyone who could answer this for me. That particular person's computer and (only their computer) IP keeps showing up on my computer and mind you (my computer is not the host for the router or modem), is indicating they are trying to get on by remote or hacking of any kind but is being blocked out is what those messages mean or is it just a coincidence and that person's computer somehow just keeps interfering with their WiFi to the same router (if that makes sense) and they are telling the truth and say they have no idea why their IP keeps showing up? Out of 4 computers total!