Have searched the forum and found two posts reporting the same problem. Unfortunately, neither of them - one from 2004 and the other from 2008 - was ever resolved.

This issue is as follows:
  1. When a ZoneAlarm alert pops up, it takes focus.
  2. Aside from clicking on the "Allow" or "Deny" button, it is possible to respond to the alert by pressing "A" or "D," respectively.
  3. If the user is already typing something at the time (e.g.in an email, text editor or web page) and the letter "A" or "D" happens to be the key that he presses when the alert is present, that keystroke - intended for whatever he was typing - gets used as the response to the alert, possibly allowing a program to access the Internet when the user would have denied that access.

Contrary to what the responder in the 2004 thread said, this DOES happen and it is NOT true that the user "can't simply continue writing (keyboard bleeps) and A and D keys will do nothing." No amount of denial is going to change the fact that this DOES occur.

Short of never typing on the computer while ZoneAlarm is running, what can users do to prevent this from occuring? Is there a setting, somewhere, to have the alerts NOT accept keyboard input - only very specific mouse clicks directly on the buttons? If not, there should AT LEAST be such an option, although the idea of having a security program do something so insecure is SO counter-intuitive that ZoneAlarm SHOULD make it a high priority to get rid of keyboard responses in alerts entirely.

Thank you.