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Thread: Blue Screen/crashes STeam.exe HLauncher.exe

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    Exclamation Blue Screen/crashes STeam.exe HLauncher.exe

    Hello,let me just say first that I have just uninstalled ZA free the latest version due to the following problems! ZA Free cannot detect the newtwork adapted WiMax Network Adapter that runs on USB at 4G speeds by internet) And it cannot configure application rule for BroadBand2go.exe! The another problem is when I launch Steam.exe to play Counter Strike and Day Of Defet ZA keeps on asking me what to do!???????? While in game I can see the pop up asking me what to do!?? Then I click OK Allow steam,.exe and HLLauncher.exe but then the machine crashes and the blye screen appears!!! Due to these problems I had to uninstalll it!

    Running Win XP SP3

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm The ISSUESS! Blue Screen/crashes STeam.exe HLauncher.exe

    Sorry all users here. From the few messages you have posted in the last few weeks you seem to have several problems with ZA and your PC. Probably better to find a different firewall that support your configuration rather then insisting on a free solution that does not work on your setup.

    As already mentioned in another thread you need to post minimal information about your configuration including the exact version of the ZA used, the configuration of ZA, especially all what you see in the ZA firewall zone, any other information you deem useful.

    In any case, ZA will support any device if this uses the native windows wireless zero configuration (This is very limited in XP). If you use proprietary software to run the adapter then most likely this is not compatible with ZA. So, most likely this is your problem as, for example, I have no issue with steam. All runs fine.

    Sorry again and good luck searching for a solution that fits better your needs.


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