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Thread: ZASS block correct installation of Realtek RTL 8187 wireless driver for USB adapter

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    Default ZASS block correct installation of Realtek RTL 8187 wireless driver for USB adapter


    I went across a problme when trying to install the driver and sofware for an ALFA Long Range wireless USB adapter AWUS036H. This adapter uses a Realtek RTL driver.

    I could not install it correctly on a Win7 64 bits machine unless I'd first completely uninstall ZASS (unloading and preventing it to load at start-up did not work). Once ZASS was uninstalled, the Realtek RTL driver and the accompanying program installed correctly and worked, and I could reinstall ZASS.

    So, it seems that even if ZASS is not loaded and working, it still prevents intalling some drivers.

    Is this a common problem (do we see it with other drivers) or is it specific to the Realtek driver ?

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    Default Re: ZASS block correct installation of Realtek RTL 8187 wireless driver for USB adapt

    Hi and welcome back, it was sometime we were not hearing from you!

    you are the first reporting this issue in the forum (as far as I can see) then I guess its not common problem. As you know ZA support does not monitor this board. It is essential to report the issue to the official ZA technical support and keep them updated (link to support is in my signature). They may also need to collect ZA logs in order to try to replicate the issue.

    Let us know if you manage to resolve the issue and how, it may help other user with similar problems.


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