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    Default Internet access compromised

    I have two computers running Windows 7 on a wired network. Both are protected by Zone Alarm. While on the internet yesterday, a window popped up informing me that Zone Alarm had detected a virus and had taken care of it. However, afterward I could not access the internet on that computer. The second computer and all other devices work fine. I also get the message:Windows can't communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server) I have gone through the procedures Microsoft has suggested with no success. Any ideas?

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    A little more info would be helpful if you want anyone to begin to start to possibly help you.

    What the version of ZA, Right click on the Z icon in the system-tray and select ABOUT and copy that info. (Remove license key info if present)

    What was the name of the treated threat ZA detected EXACTLY.

    What happens when you do a manual FULL scan with archives selected?
    Does it find the threat again or not?
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