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Thread: Zonealarm-Free-Firewall-Installer - Agree-Button not active > Its not a bug.

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    Exclamation Zonealarm-Free-Firewall-Installer - Agree-Button not active > Its not a bug.

    Hi everybody,

    when I want to upgrade to version 110_000_504 the installer has an bug. I cannot click to "Agree End License Agreement" because the button is not active, the button only becomes active when the option for "Change Firefox Search Provider" is selected, but i don't want to change something in my Firefox installation, i only want to install the firewall. An option for custon install is also not available. Can anyone tell me when the bug will be fixed ?

    Greetings Hanibal

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    Default Re: Bad Download of Zonealarm-Free-Firewall-Installer - Agree-Button not active

    Its not a bug. The software is provided for Free. A lot of very expensive dollars go into developing Free security software. So in exchange for Free software we require the changing of the Browsers homepage and or browser search provider along with a toolbar. Doing this provides a small amount of revenue to us.

    Were not getting rich off this nor does it pay for all development of Free versions but it helps so that we can continue to offer Free firewall and AV solutions to the public.

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