I just got booted after a long post, so I'll forget all the explanations. I'm on WinXP Pro.

Installed new version, computer would freeze on log on screen once button clicked, went to safe mode system restore, 1st time it wouldn't allow me, something about security, second time did a restore system. Now no icon for ZA, and when try to uninstall with add/remove program it says 'no valid installation configuration found' all most likely due to sys restore, but it was the only way I could get back on the computer except in safe mode. So, how do I remove ZA now, or should I just install the new one over the old? I have for now turned on Windows Firewall. ZA is the only firewall I've ever used, since I came on the web a couple of decades ago. I read this post and downloaded the clean.exe thing, but not sure if I need to do something else. https://www.zonealarm.com/forums/sho...rewall-upgrade