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Thread: [SOLVED] zonealarm can not block one application from accessing internet

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    Unhappy [SOLVED] zonealarm can not block one application from accessing internet

    I am using za free antivirus + firewall :

    What frustrate me is I can not block an application from access the internet

    for example, from the application control

    find the application which want to blocked,say firefox
    change its
    smartdefense ->custom
    trust level --> ask
    outbound trusted -->ask
    outbound internent -->ask
    inbound trusted -->ask
    inbound internet -->ask

    click ok

    to my surprise, that firefox still can access internet without ask permission??

    is it a bug ??????

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    Default Re: zonealarm can not block one application from accessing internet???!!!

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    Default Re: zonealarm can not block one application from accessing internet???!!!

    No this is By Design and not a Bug...

    All Microsoft files, updates and many 3rd party programs like Firefox
    that have been pre-validated are automatically accepted as Trusted when installed..

    "Enhanced Cloud Security: 3rd generation cloud technologies detect 50,000 - 75,000 new applications every day and verify threats detected by behavioral scans."

    if this is un-acceptable to you, then it is better for you to Uninstall Zone Alarm and find another FREE Firewall product..
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    Lightbulb one suggestion for zone alarm

    I have one suggestion, if user try to modify application control, it is better to prompt user whether they want to change the smartdense to manual, if user choose yes, then update the following setting below automatically or give some clue for it. Otherwise user may feel confusing about it.

    Go to Application Control and ensure it is set to MAX
    - Go to Smartedense and ensure it is set to MANUAL
    - Go to Program control and ensure that "Enable Microsoft Catalog Utilization" is UNchecked
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