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Thread: Windows 8 has slow internet access with ZA

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    Default Windows 8 has slow internet access with ZA

    I just purchased an MSI GT70 gaming laptop. It has Windows 8 installed. I followed my usual practice with a new computer and took a snapshot of the system drive and then started to uninstall the garbage ("free" 60 day trial of Norton in this case) and install the stuff I do want - ZA, in this case.

    I downloaded the latest ZA and installed it. It seems to slow down internet access to the point where Google Chrome starts asking whether I want to wait for the page or kill it.

    If I disable ZA Internet access returns to normal speed.

    I don't pay for ZA, so I don't expect anything to be done based on this post :-) Just putting it out there. I can see from other posts that ppl are having problems with ZA and Windows 8, so I will look for another free firewall program and keep checking ZA updates.

    Thanks for a great product!
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