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Thread: Firewall Detected full port scan (9554 attempts blocked)

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    Default Firewall Detected full port scan (9554 attempts blocked)

    Looking at the alert log it shows every port (ip variation) being scanned and blocked. Is this perhaps a false reading that is found in zonealarm, or should this be considered a valid attempt at accessing my computer?

    I am sorry for a naive questions, but have recently switched over from Avast to ZA, mostly due to the firewall, and have found this result. I was hoping to find out from others familiar with the program (free version) any thoughts they might have.

    If this is indeed a true attempt at accessing my computer, 2 questions come to mind.
    1. What next steps would be recommended?
    2. If my computer may have been actively compromised prior to my switching to ZA, can I even trust the effectiveness of the program in total?

    (I have frequently noticed what I would typically consider a remote lag when using my computer after being away from it for some time, such as the mouse lag common to remote access.)

    Thanks so much for any thoughts and suggestions.

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    Default Re: Firewall Detected full port scan (9554 attempts blocked)

    Can anyone provide any feedback as to whether or not they think this is something to be concerned about, or is it perhaps a feedback loop, glitch or something other than an attack?

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    Default Re: Firewall Detected full port scan (9554 attempts blocked)


    unfortunately without information on the exact ZA version used, the detailed listing of entries under the ZA firewall zone, the setting up of the ZA internet and trusted zone (High? Medium? respectively?) and a sample of blocked connections it is not really possible to help you.

    Right click the ZA icon near the clock --> about --> copy to clipboard --> paste it here in a response.

    Any other information you can provide (OS and SP? Security tools used other than ZA? How do you connect to internet (router? Modem, USB dongle? Plug the etherner cable into the wall?), Using torrent clients? ..... etc... would also help other users here to better guess if, what you are experiencing, is normal or not .


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