Hi, sorry hope I've posted this in the correct section. Last night a ZA message popped up saying I'd been infected with the 'heur trojan.win32.generic' virus in a file located in my 'Steam' account folder.

ZA started to scan and then programs started to crash. I couldn't open anything and if I tried the icon to that program would disappear. I ended up crashing the computer but on restart everything seemed to be fine. I did a full ZA virus scan, Spybot scan and Windows defender scan and each came up negative.

Was I really infected or was this a false/positive. And if I was infected, how can I tell if the infection is still there? I'd be most grateful for any help you can give me. I'm worried about using internet banking or anything where I provide a password.

I use ZA pro/antivirus
Windows 7 home 64