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Thread: Browser security won't stay off.

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    Default Browser security won't stay off.

    I am hoping someone might be able to help me out with something. I recently upgraded to version of Zonealarm free firewall, but dont seem able to completely disable the browser security.
    When I turn off 'Web Identity Protections' (also, all check boxes in settings are disabled), if i restart the pc, it stays disabled. but then a minute or two later, it turns itself back on.

    Then, even when i turn it off again, When i start Mendeley (a reference manager, which i'm guessing might use IE to access the internet), I get a crash window for Browser security.... even though it is (I think) turned off...

    So my suspicion is that it (browser security) is still running somewhere and I'm missing out where. In IE i disabled the 2 listed Addons. Nothing enabled in firefox because its the latest version.

    btw, windows XP with all updates.

    I would really appreciate any ideas anyone might have.
    Many thanks

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    Default Re: Browser security won't stay off.

    Probably a conflicts with that program or add-ons. Certain ZA components cannot be turned off. See here below for a unsupported workaround: Troubleshooting ZoneAlaerm ForceField IswSvc

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    Default Re: Browser security won't stay off.

    I'm not sure if this workaround still applies. What for me worked fine and it is more comfortable:

    Kill ISWSVC within taskmanager, switch to services tab and click on services button below, change state of Zonealarm LTD Toolbar to "deactivate". Note you have to do this quick, because within appr. 10 sec, ISWSVC will start itself again.
    After this procedure the browser security should be deactivated permanently.

    Maybe you have to uncheck the start up box with msconfig, too. Not sure.

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    Default Re: Browser security won't stay off.

    awesome, thanks, will try those suggestions and report back!

    much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Browser security won't stay off.

    I’ve had success using this workaround in ZoneAlarm Pro (ZAP) for disabling ZA's “Browser Security Toolbar”:

    Turing off the start-up entries for “BHO ZoneAlarm Security Engine Registrar” and “Toolbar ZoneAlarm Security Engine” prevents the BHO and Toolbar components from being injected into IE9 at each browser start up.

    Disabling the “ZoneAlarm LTD Toolbar IswSvc” Service prevents its execution at each WIN7 start up and also prevents the creation of the Service’s “IswTmp” temporary folder as well.

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