Version: zafwSetupWeb_110_000_504.exe
Running on Win XP SP3
Hi everyone,
This is the same issue that was posted December 18th, 2007
by latenighter. There was no reply or solution posted... so I am repeating most of this post since I have the exact same error.

I wasn't sure which forum category to post this in, so I apologize if this is the wrong one and I understand that it might be moved by the moderators.

I've been using ZA free firewall for quite a while now on 3 systems in my house. After upgrading to the new release, zafwSetupWeb_110_000_504.exe, on only one of my PC's the ZA icon in my systray shows constant traffic, both in and out. This is very unusual since most of the time that icon only shows the 'Z' unless I'm surfing or checking email etc...

I searched this forum and the ZA documentation, and I've tried every troubleshooting step I could find.

What can be causing this constant download/upload activity??

Your help is appreciated.


See list below what I've done so far:
- Made sure my DNS / DHCP servers are accurate and listed in the Firewall trusted zone
- Made sure the IP address range for my home network is listed in the Firewall trusted zone
- Made sure that Loppback is listed in the Firewall trusted zone
- Have Windows Automatic Updates disabled (since I am meticulous about running Windows Update manually each week)
- Temporarily un-installed my anti virus app (AVG) and then re-installed a fresh copy
- Made sure that Generic Host Process Win 32 Services has green checks for both Trusted and Internet in Access column, Green check in Trusted and Red X in Internet in Server column (in Programs)
- Un-installed and re-installed ZA fresh copy just in case the first one was corrupt
- Made sure that my system is clean (I run updated copies of Vipre
- Made sure Windows (XP Pro, SP3) is fully updated
- Completely dumped the cache / cookies / history in both my browsers (IE and FF)
- Un-installed my Google Toolbar (the only toolbar I use) just in case it was the notifier creating traffic
- Checked my startup items in msconfig to make sure there is nothing unusual or suspect, and made sure that unnecessary apps like qttask etc... are unchecked there
- Made sure that I have no extraneous Prefetch files lingering in c:/windows/prefetch
The only clues I have really found so far is that in the ZA admin panel, I see 3 instances of Generic Host Process for Win32 Services and one of them is constantly blinking.

I'm really not stupid about computers at all, but I'm pretty baffled at this point and I could really use opinions / advice if anyone is willing to respond.

There must be something that I've overlooked, perhaps a setting that I need to change or something like that. Please, if anyone can off er advice or assistance I'd really appreciate it, thank you.

Operating System:
Windows XP Pro XP3

Software Version: