The chat does not work with or with out zone alarm turned off.
I was interested in switching to ZA pro from extreme because of the firewall features.
I used ZA before and liked it but am now thinking I remember that they changed the interface and took away some of the advantages. I cannot see which website is trying to connect and where. I cannot choose for it to allow a website as that is what I thought I needed to do as my internet since installing is terribly slow and some sites are down right sluggish now where others are just fine.
I want more freedom with the firewall.
There is no email, phone and the chat is not existent.
With this being the only support and "IF" the PRO version will not give me what it used to give a couple years back how would one ask for a refund? I'm not saying I want that as of yet but I would like to see who is pinging and where and it says you can do it in the PRO version. Why is that not available in the more expensive extreme??
ALSO, half the time when you try to log in at my account... that's a fail also. you have to click on the link that they give in one of the support pages when you find it to get to the my account for it to work. when you click on the my account just from going to the site... it fails.
Feel free to email.