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Thread: can't uninstall zonealarm search

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    Angry can't uninstall zonealarm search

    somehow i downloaded zonealarm free edition, i think when i was downloading something else. I uninstalled using control panel, but ZoneAlarm search is still present.
    There are no signs of the program other than the search option in the navigation toolbar. Also, when i run a program called "SearchEverything" various ZoneAlarm files show up.
    I have actually spent 9 hours (!) trying to find a fix, how to fully remove ZoneAlarm search & all its related bits.
    My pc is a Dell Inspiron 17r 5720 Laptop, 3.1ghz i5, & I am using windows 8, with firefox 21.0. I'm afraid i don't know which ZoneAlarm edition it is. I would be most grateful for any assistance with this. Thanks, B.

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    Default Re: can't uninstall zonealarm search

    Rather difficult to provide a reasoned feedback without even knowing the ZA version used and how you managed to install even without knowing it. Very strange.

    Depending on the version used you should also see a separate entry in windows add/remove programs (XP), Uninstall a program (WIN7/WIN8) with a name such as "Zonealarm Toolbar".

    Otherwise you can try to use the ZA removal tool you find here:

    Save it do desktop, run it... at the end of the process you will be requested to reboot the PC.

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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