Uninstalled 'zonealarm.com' as it conflicts with 'ZoneAlarm Do Not Track'. Click OK to restart.


I've seen this and the ZA toolbar disabled when trying to launch Firefox in two different computers after installing ZA Security Suite last version:

ZoneAlarm Security Suite version: 11.0.768.000
Vsmon version: 11.0.768.000
Driver version: 11.0.768.000
Antivirus engine version:
Antivirus signature DAT file version: 1121825984
AntiSpam version:

Both winXP SP3, both had FF17 with ZA toolbar working fine before upgrading, in one I upgraded to FF22 just after installing new ZA and before trying FF.

Neither has the toolbar now. In Tools -> Manage Add-ons I saw ZoneAlarm Do Not Track active in both computers, but in the FF22 rig I uninstalled FF22 and returned to FF17 (before knowing that FF17 was having the same problem in the other rig), and now I have neither the toolbar nor DNT in the changing FF rig. The other with untouched FF17 still has DNT but not the toolbar.

In short, last ZA version causes installed FF to uninstall the ZA toolbar, and any FF version change deletes DNT too.

Please, which of these two elements (toolbar and DNT) if any are supposed to be compatible with FF, and how do you get it/them working stably? Does the FF version count?

PS: nothing from this affects IE8, whose ZA toolbar and DNT work fine.