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Thread: [SOLVED] ZA 11.0.768 upgrading issue --> Remove fullly previous version

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    Default Re: [SOLVED] ZA 11.0.768 upgrading issue --> Remove fullly previous version

    Thank you very much for taking the time to report back on how your solved the issue.

    I have revised the title thread to hint to the solution and closing it as the problem is resolved.

    Do not hesitate to open a new thread for any other ZA product related issues you may have.


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    Default Re: Uninstalled '' as it conflicts with 'ZoneAlarm Do Not Track'

    Quote Originally Posted by fax View Post
    Most probably ZA 11.0.768.000 is not compatible with FF22 as it was release just before FF22 was officially out. Instead of going back up to FF17 you should have tried FF21 to confirm that this is the issue.

    If you don't get any feedback from other users here and you have a valid license please be sure to take contact with ZA official support and report the issue to them.

    Edited thread title to better hint to the issue.

    Thanks, Fax

    ZA 11.0.768.000 is 100% compatible with Firefox 22. there will not be any more incompatibilities becasue we removed all the old Forcefield technology out of ZA which was the cause of all the Firefox compatibility issues in the past.

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