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    Until recently I was using ZAPRO and then I changed to Zone Alarm Extreme Security. I had not noticed until this morning that the Anti Spam filter only works with Outlook. I don't use Outlook (it is a paid email client). So given that O don't use Outlook, either I have to get a third party anti spam program or run a risk of so much spam that I would spend a lot of time deleting it?

    I guess my thought process is that ZA has somehow sleeping with Microsoft, and will probably get fleas thereby. Am not at all impressed with this and am a loooooong time user of ZA. Guess I am starting to rue the change over in AV and AS software (ZoneAlarm Extreme).

    Please verify that ZA does not work with any other mail client than Outlook. Thanks in advance.

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    Look under Feature-specific requirements :

    Note : Next time try before you buy.They do have 30 day free trial on ZoneAlarm products.

    Btw, If you're under 30 day time frame.They do have a 30 Day Return/Full Refund Policy.
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